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6 Crafts That Can Go Beyond Fashion

Your wardrobe need not be the only place that bears all the markings of your love for crafts. Here is a sneak peak in the house of our Chief Creative Officer, Anita Dongre, where each one of her favourite craft is extended beyond just clothes. Open up the walls of your homes to India-inspired craft motifs as watch your spaces come alive.



Anita’s love for Indian Crafts brought her in touch with master artists from Jaipur excelling in Pichhwai hand painting who helped bring to life her vision for her home. Adding depth and delicacy to the walls through a 400-year-old art form. Anita usually likes to start her mornings with this relaxing and inspiring backdrop, and we absolutely love it!



The Warli Wall Painting Technique simplifies the complexities of nature with geometric shapes where circles depict the sun and moon, trees and mountain peaks take the shape of triangles, and squares stand for an enclosed space or land. When combined, these shapes reveals an intricacy that belies its minimal individual components. This Maharashtrian art form is an aesthetic enhancement to any home interior.



A mark of opulence, the Thikri glass inlay technique infuses walls with grandeur and mystique.  Hailing from Rajasthan, each reflective piece of this art form is hand cut and laid in individually to create a mosaic that’s as awe-inspiring now as it was 400 years ago. A timeless piece suited to modern tastes.



The art of eliciting patterns though resist-dyeing techniques is as ancient as it is universal.
The patterns rendered here through wrings and squeezes are unmistakably Shibori, creating silhouettes that are intricate and captivating. The designs are further embellished with the running stitches of Kantha embroidery work. A confluence of culture and technique.



Art is never too far off from Anita’s mind. Proven here though her collection of dinner napkins depicting a snapshot of blooming forests, hand-printed in Rajasthan. A celebration of nature’s beauty and artistic heritage that is never off the table.



The widely-celebrated craft of Blue Pottery from Jaipur, extolling the brilliance of blue, makes it way on a set of elegant coasters. A taste of culture with a sip of hot tea never looked so good.