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Books that have impacted my life | Anita Dongre


In an ideal world, I would love nothing more than to spend all my time reading- devouring one book after another. While that isn’t a practical possibility, I try and make it a point to fit some reading time into my busy day, which usually is early in the morning before I begin my day. Before the barrage of emails and meeting reminders flow in and demand immediate attention, reading gives me some much needed perspective and positiveness. While it’s impossible to list down all the books that have stimulated me- creatively, emotionally or intellectually, below are some books that have stuck with me through the years.

The Vedanta Treatise by A. Parthasarathy
No other book has impacted me quite like the Vedanta Treatise. I read it every morning, to the point where this isn’t just a book anymore, but a way of life, if I may quote the cliché. I strongly feel this book needs to be taught in schools as it prepares you for life and teaches you the art of living in a way no school education can. Highly recommend.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
I was around 20 when I first read The Fountainhead, and though I haven’t thoroughly re-read it, Howard Roark has stayed with me all these years. His character, with his unwavering allegiance to his principles, freethinking charm and reckless abandon has a very poignant impact on my impressionable mind. It really was exciting for me to witness a character who embodied my fervent desire- to do as I please, and to do it damn well. Or not at all.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
I remember re-reading this several times after I read it the first time. As an artist who also has an unending list of organizational matters to attend to, it’s easy for the wayward mind to stray into an anxiety zone. Being present in the NOW is easier said than done, and this book definitely helped achieve that. My art is definitely thankful.