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Bring Home Heaven: Tilla Embroidery

It’s easy to recall the opulence of royal jewelry when you first gaze upon Tilla, an embroidery that’s as much a tradition as it is a cultural symbol of Kashmir. Embellishing the necklines and cuffs, the exquisiteness of Tilla with its intricate stitches can leave the need for adornment redundant.

Tilla Embroidered Midnight Black Set


My tryst with Tilla occurred when I was invited to the headquarters of SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association), a trade union dedicated to uplifting and empowering independently employed women from marginalised communities. Here, I was introduced to women hailing from Kashmir hoping to secure sustainable employment.

What stayed with me more than their stories of hardships was their resilience and fortitude for a better life. When their craft centre was set up, they soon set to work for Grassroot, penning a new future with a needle and a thread.

Tilla Embroidery in Making


The integrity of Tilla is preserved in its hand embroidery, which takes weeks to complete. The embroidered tops and Kurtas made using Tilla work, is more than art, it’s an expression of determination of the women of Kashmir, and takes forward our ethos of upholding sustainability in fashion.

Here are a few of our handcrafted pieces in Tilla Embroidery:

Midnight Blue Set – Grassroot by Anita Dongre



Midnight Black Set – Grassroot by Anita Dongre