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Handwoven, with love

Vinod Vankar, Bhujodi weaver.

Before the metallic clang of machinery took over our lives, fabric was created to rhythmic thuds of a handloom. Master weavers wove the fabric by hand while poring over the waves of warp, weft and beautiful design. During the pre-independence era, handwoven cottons formed the fabric for India’s stand on self-sufficiency and movement against imperialism. The art of weaving by hand, however, lost out to machines in the race to make more and more.

At Grassroot, we love handwoven fabric, for it still resonates with the ideals we hold so dear. Men and women in rural India handweave cloth with the skill and care it deserves. We also love it for the beautiful feel of its uneven texture, which speak tales of a labour of love. Our Handwoven collection is a testament to the heirloom traditions of the past—a result of time, love and age-old methods that create local employment opportunities across Indian villages.

           Handwoven Bhujodi Checkered Shirt Dress


       Handwoven Jamdani Button Down Midi Dress


Handwoven Jamdani Pussy Bow Shirt, Supernova Shorts