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Jamdani: From Royalty to You

For an art form, that has woven its way from the 14th century, Jamdani still continues to enthral its patrons which included Kings and Queens of Indian royalty. The suspended illusion of the Jamdani motifs that appear to float over the fabric is a testament of devotion to this artistry.

Rose Jamdani Kurta

The creation of Jamdani begins on the loom, with a supplementary weft that glides over the standard warp drafting the intricate motifs as it moves along. Each part of the motif is individually translated with separate spools of thread. The dynamic nature of Jamdani weave makes it one of the most laborious & prized textiles – with a reputation for being one of the finest muslins in the world.

While this diaphanous piece of fabric has garnered global admiration, the master craftsmen practicing the technique have become scarce. As time itself has become a limited resource, the speed of output has overtaken the patience of process.

We at Grassroot, hope to change this by bringing the art & authenticity of Jamdani into our wardrobes. By reviving the traditional forms of hand weaving, we bring you a collection of ethereal Jamdani clothing that aims to restore the past allure by putting passion back into the art form of the artisans.

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