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The Sacred Art of Pichhwai

Pichhwai, an exquisite art form that has withstood the test of time, has filled up history’s pages for presenting the whimsical vibes of nature in all its glorious form– a dynamic dimension that has been redefined in all our collections. The intricately hand-painted minute details in our Pichhwai lehengas are reminiscent of the countless efforts by our artisans.


It takes our artists anywhere between a few weeks or months to create their masterpieces. To them, Pichhwai is more than just sheer art, it is an ancestral skill that has been passed down through generations which often seeps in effortlessly through imagination, skills and dreams.

Exactly two years ago, while on my visit to Rajasthan for a shoot, I had a chance encounter with Lekhraj Ji, who was painting the walls of City Palace. Inspired and deeply intrigued by the sheer brilliance and intricacy of his work, I immediately knew I wanted to give this art another form of life.

We talked about his art and he shared instances of his work being inconsistent. My creative ideology isn’t just restricted to design but also about reviving forgotten crafts. So, without second thoughts, I invited Lekhraj Ji over to our design headquarters in Mumbai, and that’s how the Pichhwai Collection came to life and has been breathing ever since.